Instructions TOPIC: With the use of technology, human resources have streamlined

TOPIC: With the use of technology, human resources have streamlined many of the processes and access to information for employees through the self-service portals. Prior to much of the advanced technology organizations and employees are experiencing today, they needed to go to the human resources office to complete paperwork or seek information. As you have learned, self-service technology has eliminated many challenges experienced in the past. For your assignment on self-service technology, you will compose a paper of no less than 3 pages (excluding title and reference page) in APA format where you address the following:
Describe the factors/key elements found in self-service technology to include all areas self-service technology might be used, e.g. recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, pay management, etc. Identify and describe the differences among manager self-service, employee-self-service, and human resource portals.
What are the positives and negatives – for human resources, the organization, managers, and the employees? Make sure you provide some examples.
What are some of the considerations that would be important when making decisions about self-service technology to include tools and providers to include access and security? The following will help guide you through the mechanics of the paper:
Utilize the APA Style, 7th Edition for preparing your paper.
Use appropriate sub-headings when transitioning from one question topic to the next. This is very important!! Please include sub-headings!!
You will use a minimum of 3 resources, with at least 2 of those sources being peer-reviewed. You can, of course, use more sources.

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