After you read the Code of Hammu
After you read the Code of Hammurabi, you will write a typed, double-spaced, 2-3 page essay that interprets and analyzes the Code by answering the questions asked below. Please submit your essay as a WORD document by adding the file as an attachment and clicking the submit button.
Please note that I do NOT want a summary of Mesopotamian society. I want an ANALYSIS of the Code of Hammurabi! Your grade will be based on your mastery of the material, how well you are able to identify and use specific codes to answer the questions asked, and on how well you analyze and interpret the Code in relation to the questions asked. Answer and address each of the following questions. Please give at least one or two specific codes to answer each question. Then, explain why and how the codes you chose answer the questions: 1. What does the Code of Hammurabi tells us about the class structure of Mesopotamian society? 2. Was each class treated equally under the law? Why or why not?
3. What kind of legal system did they have? How did they administer justice and perform trials?
4. How were crimes punished?

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