How do you think this process influences operational efficiencies?

eneral operations and specialized operations, e.g. ADA regulations, are necessary for a diverse customer base.
Part 1
Most businesses and organizations use a variety of general operations practices to support areas such as Human Resources, employee scheduling, loss prevention, and sales/customer service processes. Choose one operations procedure that you believe helps increase any company’s operating efficiencies. For example, you might consider choosing the system used by employees to clock in and out, a new customer service initiative, opening/closing procedures, procedures for receiving merchandise, etc.
Based on this week’s course content and your research, answer each of the following questions:
Describe a specific operating process, its purpose, and profitability.
How do you think this process influences operational efficiencies?
Part 2
Ensuring ADA compliance is more than simply complying with government regulation; it makes good business sense and is the right thing to do as a citizen. With a large and growing U.S. population of people with one or more disabilities, failure to comply with ADA requirements means that you are eliminating a significant source of market potential that can contribute to your organization’s success.
View the following video, produced by the U.S. Department of Labor: Ten Small Business Mistakes.
You will need to allow the QuickTime application to run in order to view the video.
Take a few moments to consider how these strategies may be used to improve customer satisfaction.
Walk through any retail store and describe the various ADA elements you see.
What else would you recommend?
Choose one ADA regulation and discuss how it impacts profitability.
*Please note this does not require full APA paper requirements. This is preparatory skill-building.
Essay Format
The body of your essay will be 400-500 words. Use three outside research sources for this assignment.   Double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 11-point Calibri or 12-point Times New Roman font. Include a title page and a references page. Use page numbers per APA style guidelines. APA resources are listed above in the Weekly Resources item.
To Submit
Use Grammarly to check for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your final Word document
Click on the title of this assignment, above
Scroll down to the Assignment Submission section and click Browse My Computer
Attach the correct Microsoft Word document on your computer by clicking Open
Click Submit in the bottom right-hand corner when finished

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