Hi, This is another weekly assignment based on the previous one (Order # 3609369

This is another weekly assignment based on the previous one (Order # 360936916). Please keep in mind it has 2 parts:
1) First part needs to be completed by Thursday evening (Jan 2oth), which is answering to 2 questions based on the requested format and course materials,
Then is the SECOND PART, which needs to be completed by Sat, Jan 22nd. (I`ll ask you to write one response post to either Question 1 or 2 from a peer.)
It is anticipated that this week you will be continuing your work on the refinement of your PICOC question and you are continuing to conduct your literature search and revise your search strategy as you seek relevant literature. Complete both learning activities, and create one response post to either Question 1 or 2 from a peer.
Question 1. You are required to find one journal article from your discipline-specific literature that was published within the last three to four years that discusses, debates or provides research findings regarding the use of evidence-based practice or management within your own discipline. We are interested in reading professional commentaries or studies where evidence-based practice is investigated in your profession (Please note, we do not want to see an article addressing a specific clinical intervention that you routinely use.) Provide a brief summary of why you selected this article and how it relates to your setting (maximum 5 sentences). Please attach the article (or a link to the article) with your summary in the discussion thread.
Question 2. What are some of the ways you personally access evidence in your workplace and how do you use/apply that evidence in your healthcare management activities or clinical practice? Besides time, what are two barriers you experience in regards to engaging in evidence-based practice and management? Discuss personal, organizational (environmental), or system factors that impact you or that are noted in the literature. The initial post should be approximately 300 words.
Respond to ONE of your peer’s posts for Question 1 or Question 2. The response post should be approximately 200 words.

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