Hello! Please write about an incident in which a personal (physiological, psycho

Hello! Please write about an incident in which a personal (physiological, psychological, attitudinal) barrier hindered your ability to communicate. For the purpose of this assignment, we highly recommend that you do not externalize and that you reflect on your own personal challenges of communicating with others. Your paper should be in a good flowing 2-3 paragraph format (not question and answer format) and address at least the following questions:
1. Describe an incident in which you had a communication failure during an interpersonal interaction between you and someone else.
2. Describe a personal barrier (from amongst physiological, psychological, and attitudinal) that you believe led to the communication failure.
3. Explain how that barrier came to be (example: prior experiences or habits when growing up, lack of training etc.)
4. How have you or would you begin to overcome that barrier?
You can mention that English is my second language. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to message me. Thank you!

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