Happiness in One Day in Your Life. For the Reflective Journal, I would like you

Happiness in One Day in Your Life. For the Reflective Journal, I would like you to keep a journal of one day in your life. It should begin in the morning when you wake up and continue throughout the day until you go to bed. Keep your journal in a notebook, so that when you’re finished you can type the information into the space provided. 1. Keep a journal of everything that happened this day from morning until night. For each event, indicate (a) what made you happy, (b) what made you unhappy, and (c) how you sprang back from unhappiness. This is not just about the big moments, but also about the little moments that have an effect on us. Be very details in what you put in your journal throughout the day. Many people skip over hours of their lives, when each hour brings something very important and insightful. 2. After you have completed the journal, do an Assessment of your experiences, especially as they relate to the information in this Unit regarding males vs. females and happiness, pathways to happiness, and the American Dream. Make sure to refer to at least two films from this unit and three course documents. From my observations of past journals, here are some suggestions : – This is about a day this week, not about a past experience that you are recalling. – Details are important, keep a notepad that to record your experiences. – This journal is about this day you are experiencing from morning until night. – Even if you are at work, keep track of things that happen that effect you.
The final length of the journal and assessment should be 3 pages.
The Reflective Journal Entry is worth 20 points

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