For this Lab, you will build a backyard weather station that you will use to col

For this Lab, you will build a backyard weather station that you will use to collect at least five days’ worth of measurements. The instructions for building most of the weather instruments are located here: and
Directions for a do-it-yourself thermometer are found here: Following the instructions provided, construct a barometer and a thermometer, along with at least one of the other four possible instruments (hygrometer, wind vane, anemometer, and rain gauge). When constructing your thermometer, please complete the calibration step, which will require a store-bought one (listed as optional in the instructions). **Use whatever resources you already have at home first, substituting missing parts with something reasonably close. For example, if you do not have rubbing alcohol, use fingernail polish remover, vodka or other drinking alcohol, or water if you have to. Please comment in your write-up any possible differences from suggested materials.
Take a digital photograph of each instrument that you construct. Include in your photo a strip of paper with the name “Ryan” and the date on it. These photographs will be part of the lab report for this week.
In addition to the weather instrument photos, submit a short essay covering every weather instrument in turn: thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, wind vane, anemometer, rain gauge (even the ones you did not build).
For each one, provide a brief history behind it; discuss what it measures; explain how your instrument works, and explain what information it provides about current and potential future weather conditions. Follow APA formatting guidelines

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