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For this course, you will produce a proposal paper and presentation for a new pr

    For this course, you will produce a proposal paper and presentation for a new product or service of an existing company.
    Each week, you will evaluate and make decisions for one or more of the functions of management and incorporate class concepts, research, and the provided general information you need to develop a written document as well as a presentation for submission at the end of the course. Throughout the course, you will build your written document in sections using Word®. There will be a template provided for your weekly submissions, to ensure proper format and the citing of references. For each week’s submission you should edit the prior week’s submission based on instructor feedback, and then add the new section(s) to the same document creating one running proposal. A paper combining all of the sections will be submitted in Module 7. No abstract is required for this project. In addition, you will create a PowerPoint® presentation with voice-over to persuade your boss and senior leadership on your idea.
    Ensure the proposal follows current APA Style® guidelines, and you have at least six credible sources (not Wikipedia or other unreliable/non-academic sources) supporting your proposal. Informative library guides on proper citations and finding company information are also linked below for your reference.
    Research and find an existing company you believe would benefit from expanding either its product line or services. You will submit your chosen company and idea in an essay to this assignment.
    You want to ensure you select a company that you can retrieve the information you need, such as an organization chart, mission, vision, descriiptions of products or services, and financial reports (balance sheet and income statement). Write an essay, in your own words (cite where appropriate) and in at least 250 words in APA format on the following prompts:
    1. Your selected company name (include link(s) to the company, and its annual report to investors for public corporations) and describe the history of the company and include its mission and vision statement.
    2. Describe your potential idea (you want an idea that you can present and persuade to your boss and senior leadership). You don’t need all the logistics yet, just outline your idea. Review the template you will use throughout the course building your proposal: MGMT 201 Proposal Template (DOCX)

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