Feminism in Pride and Prejudice

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Author of the Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen always depicts on feminism in her works in the English Literature. In Austen’s time, women were restricted by the society. Women did not go to work outside like men. Men are treated like Master of the World and the women should be slave of them. That environment impacts on Austen’s heart. Since she has lived around a male dominated society from her childhood, she framing this novel. The novel Pride and Prejudice is corresponded with the Austen’s life. She express her emotions, resentments, feelings through the novel. She always shows her words with women’s perspectives, rights, independence and power of the women. Similar that, in this novel, Austen says about the perfect woman, marriage and individuality. Austen portraits her heroine Elizabeth Bennett is a perfect young woman in the novel, who is very bold. And also Austen depicts in many ways to prove Elizabeth Bennett is a Feminist.
The novel opens with the excellent statement, that says the main theme of the marriage. That statement is, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”. In this statement, it determines the feminist character of Austen. She boasted the feminine on her statement.
Austen starts her novel with Bennett family. Mr.Bennett has five unmarried daughters. His wife Mrs.Bennett wants one of her daughters to marry Mr.Bingley who has the bachelor and also a rich men in Netherfield. Jane is the eldest of Bennett daughters. At the Ball, Jane and Mr.Bingley fell in love with each other. Jane has no intention for Mr.Bingley’s money like Mrs.Bennett and her two youngest daughters. The protagonist of the novel is Elizabeth Bennett, the second daughter of the Bennett family. Mr.Darcy is Bingley’s Friend who is richer than Bingley and he have pride because of his richness. At the ball, Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth hatred with each other on their first impression. Following that, Jane became ill when she visited Bingley’s house, so she stayed at Bingley’s home. Elizabeth went to Mr.Bingley’s house to take care of her dear sister Jane. At Bingley’s House, Mr.Darcy slightly fell in love with Elizabeth.
Wickham is a Militery man, who says “ Mr.Darcy was ruined my life” to Elizabeth. And also Fitzwilliam says to Elizabeth,” Mr.Darcy said to me to feel happy to separated Mr.Bingley with Jane”. At last, Mr.Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, But she rejects his proposal due to the above complaints on Mr.Darcy. Later, Mr.Darcy proved to Elizabeth that he is not ruined Wickham’s life and he did not separated Mr.Bingley and Jane purposely.
Following That, Elizabeth realizes her misunderstood, and also she started love with Mr.Darcy. On this Time, Wickham and Lydia(younger sister of Elizabeth) eloped together. Mr.Darcy helped to Bennett family to solve the problem and he conducted marriage to Lydia and Wickham. Finally, Elizabeth fully convinced with Mr.Darcy. After that, Elizabeth Accepts Darcy’s proposal. At last, Darcy get rid of his pride and Elizabeth recover her prejudice and finally they were united with their true love.
Feminism in Elizabeth:
Austen portraits her protagonist in a feminist character. She determined any decisions in her own perspective. She highly confidence on herself. She respect her own feelings and emotions. Austen depicts Elizabeth’s individuality in this novel. Very First time, Austen express about the independence of Elizabeth, She went Long bourn to Netherfield by walked 3 miles alone to take care of her ailing sister Jane. In this scene, Austen shows the braveness and freedom of the Elizabeth.
Her feminist character first time expressed that: when Elizabeth rejects the Proposal of Mr.Collins. Because she know Mr.Collins is not suitable husband for her. His only motive to marry her is that he just want the Bennett estate. Elizabeth know his motive and she boldly rejects him. That incident prove to us how Elizabeth is Bold
And the Another Incident is clearly depicts Elizabeth is a Feminist that is: The Lady Catherine is Darcy’s Aunt, Who did not like Elizabeth, because she want to marry her daughter with Darcy. But she know Darcy loves Elizabeth. So, Elizabeth says to Lady Catherine, ”He is a Gentleman; And I am a Gentleman’s Daughter; So, We are Equal”.
In the above statement, Elizabeth’s own perspective emerged that is men and women are equal, that is the theory of Feminism.
Elizabeth stands herself with individuality. She is always takes care of her family. She notices her younger sisters, whose attitude is doubtful. Suitable for her doubt, Her Younger sister Lydia fell in love with Wickham, more over She eloped with him. After solving this problem with the help of Mr.Gardiner and Mr.Darcy, Elizabeth convinces his father (Mr.Bennett) and Jane and Elizabeth conveyed his permission to Lydia and Wickham to come to the Long bourn. In these incident, Austen depicts the maturity of the eldest sisters and their concerns of their family. Austen tells the natural feeling of women, women are always notices the things which is happening around them.
Discussion On Women’s Perspective:
In this novel I found some women’s perspectives in different ways. The very first thing is Mr.Collins marriaged with Charlotte Lucas. After hearing the news, Elizabeth asked to Charlotte Lucas that why she married Mr.Collins.Charlotte Lucas replied that she did not marriage him with a love and affectionate. She says that,”I ask only a comfortable home; and considering Mr. Collins character, connections and situation in life, I am convinced that my chance of happiness with him is as fair as most people can boast on entering a marriage state”. The above scene Charlotte is seen as Feminist instead of Elizabeth.
After that, in part of one scene Austen tells that how the perfect women should be. Through the Miss. Bigley’s Perspective. Miss. Bingley’s statemnet about the Perfect women is that a women must have the knowledge of drawing, dancing, singing and all the languages to deserve the world. The statement from the women. That statement not for all the women but for the perfect women.
Pride and Prejudice is the novel based on the theme of Love and Marrige. But Accord to me, I found the view of feminism and representations of women in that novel. Because, Elizabeth’s character highly impressed me. So that, My arguement is about Feminism on women. Finally, I conculde with my point of view that Elizabeth has lived the life of the Perfect Women. This is so Obvious, from Miss. Bingley’s opinion on Elizabeth showing her, a perfect example for a real woman.

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