Essay 1. So far in this class we have explored various political systems. It i

Essay 1. So far in this class we have explored various political systems. It is natural to do so when looking at classical Athens, which of course gave the world democracy. Address the following in your essay: What do you see as the merits and challenges of ancient Greek democracy? In a conclusion, consider this: for several years numerous people have pushed for America to use distance democracy and what that would look like is every American would have access to live streaming debates in Congress and when the time came for a vote a pop-up window would appear and we would cast our real-time votes for the legislation. The elected representative would then take the tabulations and vote according to the will of the people in their district (House) or state (Senate). The citizens would make law directly. In a concluding paragraph, address whether you think that is a good idea and remember to elaborate and explain your insights.
Some notes: 3-4 pages in length (not counting the title page). In your essay have a title page, introduction, multiparagraph body, and a conclusion. Double space. APA or MLA format (just pick one and be consistent). As you discuss and explore the merits and challenges of Greek democracy, you should defend your points via liberal use of your assigned course textbook, which is required. Strive for a good balance between specific historical facts from the book and your insights, explanations, and analysis.
You must cite your sources in the body of the essay using parenthetical references. When you use the ideas from the book (paraphrase) use the format (Kagan). When you quote, which should be very limited, you must include the specific page number; for example, (Kagan, p.43).

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