Each student must post an initial posting of their own that is one paragraph, wh

Each student must post an initial posting of their own that is one paragraph, which is approximately 250 words and includes at least two scholarly references to support the posting. One of the references can be from the texts or assigned readings. The other reference(s) must be an additional source that you have found that supports your posting. Scholarly, peer reviewed, articles meet this requirement. If the professor responds and asks you for clarification or a question- you must respond to the professor.
Discussion #1 Due Week 3 During this time of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Delta and Omicron Variants, it is very important to follow Infection Control Protocol. Explain the specific use and importance of PPE. Identify certain practices you think could use improvement or are most important when following infection control protocols. Describe how these improvements or important measures could impact your personal and professional lives. Include considerations related to public health and safety.
Discussion #2 Due Week 5 Neurological conditions are a major cause of disability. It is clear that the various conditions will rise as the world’s population is ageing and living longer. You are a new nurse working on a Neurological unit. You have been assigned to care for a 63-year-old patient with a diagnosis of Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke). This is your first time caring for a patient with this type of diagnosis. Share your thoughts on how you would provide care for this patient and what obstacles you would expect to endure as a new nurse.
Discussion #3 Due Week 9 To date, you have had the opportunity to discover and understand the connection between the mechanisms that contribute to disease processes. Understanding these principles is a contributing factor to your ability as a nurse to care for patients with specific diagnoses. Share your thoughts on what you have learned and how it will assist you as you move forward in the clinical nursing courses.

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