Download Story Writing Exercise about a Personal Success(attached). You can type

Download Story Writing Exercise about a Personal Success(attached). You can type right on the worksheet under #1.
Close your eyes and think of a time when you were able to accomplish something that, at first, you doubted you would be able to do successfully. It could involve learning a skill (like riding a bike, learning algebra or scoring a goal in soccer) or facing a challenge (like jumping off the high board at the swimming pool, standing up to a bully, or making friends at a new school). The story of this experience could be one you have told many times before–or it could be an incident that just happened. Once you have settled on a memory that stands out clearly in your mind, open you eyes and go to #1 on the worksheet and start writing. Describe what happened as vividly as you can. Write quickly. It is important to get as much as you can down on paper. (If it works better for you, it is OK to write on a blank sheet of paper instead of typing on the worksheet.)
When you are satisfied that you have written an adequate descriiption of the incident, you will have completed #1 on the worksheet. Continue to follow the directions for #2 through #6. Then it is time to put it all together. For this final step (#7), you may wish to create another document. Copy and paste your basic plot from step #1 on worksheet.
Next, insert the information from #2 – #6 in whatever part of the story it seems to fit best. Once you have done this, read your story over again, to make sure that it flows well. See if there is anything you wish to add or change before sharing your story with others.
The completed story should be between 1 and 2 typed, double-spaced pages. When you have finished your story, feel free to get creative and to change the names and places in whatever way seem appropriate to you.
Need the original file with #1-#7 inserted. And need the complete story separately.
Men/Boy’s view background story since I am a male. Thanks!!!!

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