Discuss Conducting Preliminary Research and Writing Notes.

For this Assignments there are 3 topics to write and they all merge together but you need to complete them in order. YOU need to use a topic from my previous assignment check the attachment of my previous assignment.
(1ST: Activity: Creating Keywords 2ND:Activity: Library Database Search. 3RD:Assignment: Writing Notes). LINK: My school library https://libguides-snhu-edu.ezproxy.snhu.edu/home. Career: opening up an online fashion styling boutique. MLA OR APA format. its not mention how many sources I need for the assignments so I just put 3.
last week we discuss Persuasion in Everyday Life. This week we discuss Conducting Preliminary Research and Writing Notes.
Use the link in my attachments for your sources and my school library. you can write the 1st assignment on 1 page the second assignment on 2nd page and the third assignment on the last two pages

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