Disc: Workplace Challenges Please post in this forum, in as much detail as possi

Disc: Workplace Challenges
Please post in this forum, in as much detail as possible, about a challenge you have faced in a work setting that was either resolved by strong communication skills, or might’ve had a better outcome if more appropriate or better communication skills were used.
Think specifically about problems or conflicts that emerged from a lack of communication, or, alternatively, common issues that occur in every workplace that you have encountered that you (or someone else) might have handled differently in terms of (verbal or written) communication.
At the end of your post, answer this question: is there anything from your reading of our first three chapters that can be useful in thinking about the challenge you are sharing?
Disc. #4 Drafting a business letter
Please view the Ted Talk “Dan Pink delves into the science of motivation” on this website:

Then choose one of these two writing assignments:
1) Draft a letter to your current boss making use of Dan Pink’s ideas, or
2) Draft a letter to your future employees making use of Dan Pink’s ideas.
Your letter should be a minimum of 250 words, and you should work with the ideas presented in the talk (it is OK to agree or disagree with them in what you write).
Make use of some of the writing strategies discussed in our reading so far in our text book (chapters 1-3).
Please list the strategies you used at the end of your post.
Certainly some of the strategies already come naturally to you so maybe you will be simply noticing them rather than working them in self-consciously.
It can be helpful to decide ahead of time whether your letter will present an argument, a complaint, a problem/solution, etc.
Make sure you are aware of your audience and purpose in crafting your delivery style.
Please paste your letter directly in the response window, rather than as an attachment, to make it easier for us to read and respond.

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