Develop your thesis statement.

Review the Course Paper instructions found within the Assignments link. This assignment is to help prepare for the Course Paper, which is due on Sunday of Week Seven. To help with the preparation of the final paper, complete the following and submit to your instructor for feedback.
Then, pick one topic from the list below.
They include:
� Prader-Willi Syndrome
� Narcolepsy
� Korsakoff’s Syndrome
� Schizophrenia Spectrum
� Huntington’s Disease
� Parkinson’s Disease
� Balint’s Syndrome
� Turner’s Syndrome
� Klinefelter’s Syndrome
� Tourette’s Syndrome
Your Paper Prep Assignment should be a minimum of three pages and no more than five pages in length not counting the title page. It must include the following sections:
� Title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only)
The below areas are required subheadings that must be included within your Assignment.
� Topic: Select a topic of interest to you from the list above. This will contain the descriiption of an area of interest from the course that you have not already discussed on the discussion boards (although you can pick a topic that another student has discussed). This descriiption will contain 3 or 4 substantial and thorough paragraphs explaining key concepts of the topic area. This portion of your paper must be written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only.
� Thesis: Develop your thesis statement. This will become the point or perspective that will drive your paper. Please see the writing tutorials in the library for information on how to develop a solid thesis. This portion of your paper must be written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only.
� Annotated Bibliography: For this paper you need to do research in peer-reviewed journals or other journals that are considered to have reliable information (do not use sources from the secular press, i.e. Time, Newsweek, Parent’s Today). In addition to the textbook, you need at least five articles from professional scholarly journals and not popular Internet sites (if you do find something on the World Wide Web, it must be authored and be a reliable source – when in doubt, ask your instructor if it is an acceptable source). In these journals, the research and information is either reviewed by an editorial team (such as for the Harvard Business Review) or a group of peers (such as in many journals you find through the APU online library). This portion of your paper can be written in first person, Times New Roman, 12 font only and research cannot be older than 5 years.
The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to assist you in developing research analysis skills including: critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. The Annotated Bibliography should include the following information for each source:
Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format.
� Who? (author)
� What was done? (for example, an experimental study investigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)
� How? (was it done)
� What were the findings? (identify the major ones)
� Contributions? (new findings, applications, etc.)
Each annotated bibliography should contain a minimum of 5-7 sentences per reference.
This paper must be written through a biological lens. Meaning a discussion of the genetic/biological origin and treatments is required. Do not include non-biologically-based treatment methods such as counseling, therapy, support groups etc.
Use this website to assist you with the correct APA format (NOT MLA!) and to see annotated bibliography examples and samples.

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