Describe the behavior you are interested in learning more about and why.

For this assignment you will explore the different schools of thought that are represented in the psychological sciences as well as the elements of critical thinking.
Step 1) Go to the following website to read about the various research methods used in the field: (Links to an external site.)
Be sure to also review the Perspective in Psychology from your OER weekly reading.
Step 2) Next, think about a behavior you have observed in others or in yourself that you’re interesting in understanding from a more scientific point of view.
Step 3) Find some scientific evidence about this behavior you have in mind from a scholarly source.
– I recommend searching the library database by click this link: (Links to an external site.)), then scrolling down and clicking on “PsycArticles,” then entering a keyword(s) that represent the behavior you are interested into the top search bar. You can also check the “Full Text” box under the ‘Limit Your Results’ section in the middle of the page to ensure your search pulls up entire articles.
– You can also find scholarly literature through other web sources, just be sure the site ends in .gov, .edu, or .org. Dot com sites are NOT scholarly sources and will not be accepted for this portion of the assignment.
Step 4) Now find an example of non-scholarly, personal, or anecdotal information regarding your behavior of interest. This can be an example pulled from social media, blogs, print materials, or those .com web sources mentioned in step 3 above!
Answer the following questions:
1.) Upload a copy of the scientific article you found or post a link to the web source. Also upload/ post a link / screen shot of the non-scholarly source you found.
2.) Describe the behavior you are interested in learning more about and why.
3.) Using the 5 main perspectives (Bio/Cognitive/Behavioral/Psychoanalytic/Humanistic) give a brief descriiption of how each one helps explains the origins of the behavior you investigated.
4.) Give an example of a benefit to using each of the main research methods designs you’ve read about (experimental, correlational, qualitative, longitudinal, survey, and case-study) when it comes to studying your behavior of interest.
5.) Compare and contrast your scholarly and non-scholarly sources. What were the most significant differences you noted in the quality of the argument posed by each source? Did skepticism or ambiguity intolerance come into play when you evaluated your non-scholarly source?

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