Create appropriate headers that address each of the questions asked below. Don’t

Create appropriate headers that address each of the questions asked below. Don’t just list the question as the header and answer without context. Write in paragraph format.
Exercises: was very successful when it decided to extend its offerings beyond books to many other products. was unable to compete successfully with’s auction site, however, and eventually abandoned its own auction site. What feasibility factors probably had the most significance in this failure? Explain. (Found in Chapter 1 of your text)
A health insurance company had a computer problem that caused the company to overestimate revenue and underestimate medical costs. Problems were caused by the migration of its claims processing system from an older operating system to a UNIX-based system that uses Oracle database software and hardware. As a result, the company’s stock price plummeted, and fixing the system became the number-one priority for the company. Pretend that you have been placed in charge of managing the repair of the claims processing system. Obviously, the project team will not be in good spirits. How will you motivate team members to meet the project’s objectives? (Found in Chapter 2 of your text)
Write a 3-4-page APA formatted paper (including cover and references pages)
Introduce the scenario in your opening paragraph for each – example below
use at least two other sources for this paper (they can be websites or secondary)
Example setup for paper:
Session 1 Exercises
Introduction to the scenario here.
Feasibility Factors Playing a Role in Demise of Auction Feature
Begin discussing the factors that played a role.
Health Insurance Company Computer Problems
Introduction to this scenario here.
Motivating the Project Team to Meet Objectives
Begin discussing how this would work.

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