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Corruption and Nepotism in Modern World

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    The concepts of Nepotism and Corruption are a curse to many societies in the world today. There must be fairness and equality in judgement when considering a selection to a job or providing a subsidy or working for development. Max Weber’s proposes that selection must be based on merit. But Nepotism or favouritism are making government organisations, schemes etc substandard.
    Corruption on the other hand is against the society’s interest and anything which is against society is unethical as the term of ‘ethics’ is defined by the society, from job selection, share of government benefits, allotment of contracts etc.
    When viewed through morality, every person is entitled to the benefits that others do from using public services, access to water, food, business etc. One cannot deprive other from accessing a public benefit just because he or she is having right to benefit. Any right must be equally applicable to all simultaneously.
    Effects of nepotism include degradation of quality in jobs, work, society and sense of injustice, aloofness makes people to raise in revolt at times dethroning even a constitutionally elected person. Any section of society will have a ceiling in tolerance towards corruption and nepotism and revolts like the Anna Hazare movement will arise for a just society to neutralize the impact of ill practices.

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