Choose a book from the book list that is attached in the instruction. Read throu

Choose a book from the book list that is attached in the instruction. Read through the detailed instruction carefully.
Initially, simply read the introduction and write a short proposal about your choice. Your book review proposal must include the following items and will be scored based on how well to fulfill these requirements.
1. A Complete Bibliographic Reference: Please provide a complete bibliographic citation of the book you plan to read (author, date, title, publisher, publisher’s location).
For example, Beamish, Thomas D. (2002) Silent Spill: The Organization of an Industrial Crisis. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.
2. A Brief Book Descriiption: In 2-4 paragraphs, provide a brief descriiption of the book, which includes the topic of the book (what the book claims to be about such as the environmental issue it seeks to address) and the argument it seems to be making regarding the issue it takes up.
3. A Justification for Your Book Choice: In 2-4 paragraphs, explain why you have chosen the book. Briefly explain why you have taken an interest in the book and its topic (your motivation for choosing it) and what your thoughts/opinions are currently regarding it. This will be important when writing up the final book review, as you may want to reflect on how your opinions/impressions changed or stayed the same after having read the book.

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