Bill Analysis, Bill Amendment or Legislative Proposal and Advocacy Plan: Arizona

Bill Analysis, Bill Amendment or Legislative Proposal and Advocacy Plan: Arizona Legislature
Directions for Bill Analysis: Adopt an education related bill from the current or past legislative session of the Arizona legislature or Federal Legislature (United States). Provide a written document that analyses the bill you select.
Bill analysis must include:
*A concise recap of the key elements of the bill’s contents, any amendments or changes made to the bill during its progress through the system,
*Vote totals of each committee, including assigned committees, Committee of the Whole (COW) and final vote,
*Supporters or detractors of the bill, including written and oral testimony in the committee hearings,
*The final bill’s impact on education, including fiscal impact, curriculum impact and negative or positive effects.
Bill Amendment: Develop a proposed bill amendment of the bill studied that would address the negative impact of the bill on education. The proposal should be a proposed amendment to the current bill. The proposed amendment or bill must include proposed language for a bill included in current statutes with new language in capital letters and existing language in regular type. The proposed amendment or bill must also include an analysis of the fiscal impact of bill and educational impact of the bill.
Advocacy Plan: Develop an advocacy plan for the proposed bill amendment. An advocacy plan must include engaging the entire school and community, as well as involving special interest groups that might be interested.
State Legislative hearings and debates are now live on the internet. Meetings can be viewed at while Senate coverage can be found at A good site to view State bills. Committee reports, fact sheets, and vote totals is Federal legislation can also be found online, or information may be received through your local AEA (Arizona Education Association), Arizona School Administrators (ASA), your Senator or House member, or your State School Board’s Association (Arizona School Board’s Association @ASBA).
100 points ~ Criteria for Grading: An Analysis of an Education Bill (6 – 7 pages)
*An A paper (90 – 100 points) speaks to all 5 elements (Summary Amendments, Vote Totals, Supporters/Detractors, Impact on Education), is well organized, has no spelling or grammatical errors, uses legislative terms appropriately, cites sources appropriately, uses APA 6.0 format (using bold subheadings), contained in a 6 – 7 page paper, not including title and reference pages.

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