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Assignment: Please prepare a presentation (accompanied by a 8 slides) of your 90

    Assignment: Please prepare a presentation (accompanied by a 8 slides) of your 90-day work plan reflecting your key objectives and activities, and provide commentary on the priorities you chose to focus on (and why), and your approach to tackling them. Feel free to make any assumptions that you need to, so long as you document them. See information below for the assignment.
    District Manager 2022
    One Medical is a compelling organization with some opportunities to improve performance. Team members undertake avoidable heroic efforts to complete daily work, roll out improvements and meet basic business needs.
    You are hired to help create processes and improvements without creating a feeling among frontline teammates that the business is losing its soul and becoming too corporate. Ultimately, you need to improve cost per appointment, morale and also engage your team through lean approaches to working in order to deliver consistency and scalability, and deliver the highest patient NPS around (90+)!
    COVID has stretched our resources to the brink. Patients, needing our services, are calling and messaging us in unprecedented numbers and access to our services are impacted. We’ve begun migrating all our virtual administrative services to a central service center in Phoenix pulling virtual work out of your purview as a DM. Your focus is now wholly on the in-office experience, ensuring that patients have the clinical services they need when they need them. Coming soon is the COVID vaccine, but there is little information available about timing/quantity etc.
    District Background
    The Houston district is fast growing. It opened in the winter of 2021 with 2 offices, and 4 offices are planned in 2022.
    You will have 2 Senior Office Managers and an Office Manager to lead the initial 5 offices. The first 2 offices include team members who transferred from other districts as well as team members who are new to One Medical. You will need to partner with your Office Managers to staff the new offices.
    You can expect that a number of the team members for the remaining offices will be transfers from varied markets across the nation. You will also have external hires.
    Your dyad partner, the District Medical Director, is an internist who transferred from another district and is new to leadership.
    You know that new markets can be slower than other districts as brand recognition and membership grows in the months following launch.
    The Health System Partner for the market, Houston Methodist, is a new relationship and you and your dyad will be working very closely with their team.
    Two of the first 3 offices are family medicine.

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