Assignment Details Health Statistics and Populations Course Outcomes addressed i

Assignment Details
Health Statistics and Populations
Course Outcomes addressed in this assignment:
MN505-3: Analyze health promotion and illness prevention risk factors in a multicultural context.
PC-4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.
Consider you are preparing for a project to evaluate multicultural impact and diversity within a health condition. You will select a health topic of interest such as breastfeeding, domestic violence, or juvenile diabetes that affects a specific population (e.g., older adults or women of reproductive age), or race diversity related to a condition. Locate health statistics for your selections and include national and state data. Your work may also include local county or city data if available.
Access the Unit 6 Assignment Grid. Follow the guide directions in the left-hand column of the grid for each section. Research content regarding concepts of multiculturalism and diversity and include interventions that address health disparities.
Population of Interest and Condition
Identify and define a health condition or event.
Define the population by gender, age, and health status.
Identify cultural aspects in the literature review.
Search Process
Provide a detailed summary of the search process and three components of health sources used in the project.
Include names of journals, organizations, and agencies for health statistics.
Include state and national resources.
Include search criteria such as keywords and date ranges of sources.
Health Information
Document relevant health information obtained from the search, including four components of the topic: clinical health information on the topic, associated risk factors, significant statistics, local and national including epidemiological trends are present as they relate to change, in the US and global settings
Research Findings
Demonstrate disparities statistically.
Content addresses two evidence-based clinical interventions that are designed to reduce the specific disparities in the examined population.
Include two multicultural aspects of these interventions.
In the literature application, demonstrate concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.
Include two clinical guidelines or evidence-based management or treatment of the overall health topic to support your stance.
You will provide a summation of your review. Examples of concepts may include personal beliefs and values, the benefits of diverse perspectives, the importance of tolerance, etc. Provide examples of how to bridge cultural differences and build effective relationships for improved health outcomes on the topic. logo
Format expectations
Follows all assignment directions.
Information is inputted in the provided grid.
Information within sections is organized to convey the content to the reader.
Content grid should be 3–4 pages of information.
May be single-spaced. Bulleting may be used. Contains less than two APA errors in paper format, reference page, in-text citations, or headings.
Includes a title page and reference page.
Uses six or more credible peer-reviewed sources.
Carefully consider the directions in each section of the table. There should be substantive information in the last two sections particularly. Do not alter the left-hand column.
Master’s-prepared nurse educators, leaders, nurse practitioners, and all specialty nursing fields contribute to health promotion in populations across the life span. This assignment focuses on analyzing epidemiological and health information, including illness prevention, risk factors disparities, and intervention. Students should be able to integrate these concepts in a multicultural context to their specialty focus related to health promotion and epidemiology.

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