Assignment 4: Critical thinking and critique skills

Assignment 4: Critical thinking and critique skills
Assignment 4: Critical thinking and critique skills
You will write a case study review which includes your critique. This will be worth 30 points total. Create a detailed case study review in an essay APA format and include as your final page a reference list in APA format. Your review should be double-spaced, 2 pages minimum (not including reference list), with correct grammar and spelling.
The purpose of this summative assignment is to reflect upon the new knowledge you have obtained from this course and apply it to your chosen case study while developing your critical thinking and critique skills. Be sure to consider all information from the course content – discussion board exercises, videos and any additional readings. Revisit readings from your Gilmore text. Put thought into how well you think the case study conducted their assessment, and how you would augment or improve it. Utilizing your knowledge from our course around assessing community needs, provide a detailed description and critique of your case study. Be sure to review your case study carefully to look for any gaps or areas with which improvements could be made, and justify your thinking. Reference additional scholarly resources to reinforce your justification. Be sure to cite your work appropriately.
Provide a brief (1 – 2 paragraph) description of the population and the health concern or issue being addressed. Explain how your chosen case study did, or did not, do in the area of describing the community, justifying the need for conducting the assessment, etc. Describe how your case study did with (or if they omitted) considering learning styles and theories as well as models to promote health education. Describe how your case study assessed groups and/or individuals (if applicable) and if they considered any factors that impact health education. Using your knowledge around each weekly module, discuss three suggestions for improving your case study. You may present an alternative approach or additional steps that you believe would improve the quality of your case study. Consider these prompts as you complete your critique:
How did the case study identify the issue and explain the importance of the specific topic within the community?
Did the case study paint a detailed picture of the population?
Does it include a detailed description including information on demographics, barriers and challenges?
Does it justify the need to conduct a needs assessment?
Does it identify and describe community resources and explain why the resources are or are not effective?
Does it explain any process for collecting data?
Remember to discuss recommendations. As you have done previously in our discussion boards and weekly modules, apply your critical critiquing skills to suggest what improvements are needed. Finish your essay with a summative paragraph which includes your final thoughts around how your suggested improvements would enhance this case study to meet the needs, or “fill in the gaps” and provide assistance to the community or population represented.
Finally, include in APA format, a list of references. This should include a minimum of 2 references which are scholarly sources of information no previously referenced in the course. You may use any of the resources that were referred to throughout our weekly modules. You may also include your text as a resource in addition to your 2 references.

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