Assignment 1: Understanding Your Values Due week 3 and worth 100 points. “If y

Assignment 1: Understanding Your Values
Due week 3 and worth 100 points. “If you’re going to build a great career, you had better have a strong foundation. It all comes back to the priorities and the values that you have in life. – Coach Gibbs
Understanding Your Values Worksheet
In the article What Self-Awareness Really Is (And How to Cultivate It) author Tasha Eurich states that “Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.” This worksheet will help you do just that.
In the table below, each row represents a group (past or present) that has influenced your values. Examples of these groups are your family, church, sports teams, profession, groups sharing common interests, etc. Select five of these groups and list them in the first column of the table. For each of the groups, identify the following: 1. Three (3) positive behaviors that were learned and/or encouraged by the group. For example your teacher would always expect that you were on time or that you were assertive during class presentations.
2. Three (3) values that you learned from the group. For example someone could have learned from a church group to be compassionate or to speak up when one sees injustices.

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