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Here is a breakdown of the rubric categories
Source selection: . You need to pick scholarly sources for this essay. For the final essay, you need four peer-reviewed journal articles. For this assignment, you only need two peer-reviewed journal articles, but your other sources should still be scholarly.
Source summary: You need to fully summarize the article or book. This means you must read the entire article or book. No skimming the abstract. This summary should be all in your own words.
Source evaluations: There are two parts to this, the author evaluation and the explanation of how the source will be used in your essay.
Author evaluation: How can you tell this author is credible? Do not just copy the author’s biography from the web. If you do copy the author’s biography, use quotation marks, in-text citations, and a bibliographic entry. I don’t need to know that Nancy Paulsen is the Wittinger Chair at Hydroelectric University. I need to know she is a researcher at a respected university.
Explanation of how the source will be used in your essay. Which of your thesis points does this article support? How, specifically, will it help you make your argument? Is it a good way for you to introduce a counterargument? Say so, if that’s the case.
Formatting: Remember to setup the paper in APA format. APA styles use a hanging indent and double-spacing for each entry at the end of the paper.
SUMBIT your working thesis statement and an Annotated Bibliography of five (5) sources from your working bibliography. Two of the sources must be from peer-reviewed journal articles. An entry in an annotated bibliography consists of two parts, a citation and an annotation.
The thesis statement: Thesis Statement:
Regular physical activity improves physical health and positively impacts cognitive processes, resulting in better work performance and general well-being.

Before the first annotated entry, please include the working thesis statement.
The citation:
First, alphabetize your sources. Next, put the source in the correct citation format (APA).
The annotation:
After creating the citation, write a brief annotation of that source. The annotation should consist of three parts.
1) Describe the main ideas covered in the source. (Do not use the summary provided in the abstract. That would be plagiarism. Annotated bibliographies should be all in your own words.)
2) Evaluate the source’s usefulness for your project. Explain what ideas of yours the source connects with. You might say something like this: “This source supports the argument that strong supply chains require adaptable management.”
3) Give information about the credentials of the author(s). Again do not copy this from the abstract. Use your own words.

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