Angelman Syndrome Genetics Disorder Week 2

Angelman Syndrome Genetics Disorder Week 2

Angelman Syndrome Genetics Disorder Week 2

The purpose of this activity is to promote dissemination of research in the field of nursing and discuss the nurse’s role in care of complex patients. Students should research an area of nursing practice focusing on genetic platforms, future trends and Add nursing role at least one slide on the power point(patient advocate for health and wellbeing, educate, collaborate with medical team to provide support, provide support and advice to patients etc.) . Students will craft an individual Power Point presentation to be delivered via lecture to the class. Introduction, discussion of pertinent information on basis of genetic consideration as well as the nurse’s role ending in a conclusionary discussion encompassing future trends and nursing role. Research used should published within 3 years in a nursing journal and reflect nursing role. Topic should be relevant and discussion of future trends addressed.


APA formatting is expected and a minimum of 3 nursing journal references are required, not more than 3 years old



Rubric for Independent Power Point Presentation


Essential Elements 5- Exemplary 4- Proficient 3- Satisfactory 2- Needs Improvement
Information Balance



Each slide contains information regarding a major point. Logical sequence of ideas is delivered. Complex issues are discussed. All text is clearly visible. Professional writing.

10-30 words per slide.



Most of information is focused regarding major point. Slides are not overloaded. 7-20 words on a few slides. Sequence is mostly logical. Professional writing is present. Presentation outlines the major points only. Most slides do not overload. 6-10 words on a few slides. Difficult to follow. Sequence is somewhat logical. Professional writing is mostly present. Few slides outline or supplement the major points. Slides are overloaded or contain small font. All words are clearly visible. Sequence is not logical. Professional writing is somewhat present.
Graphics and Language



Graphics are used to illustrate topic in an effective manner. Slide are clear and concise in language. No grammatical or spelling errors present.




Graphics often illustrate topic of slide effectively. Almost always explain complex issue. Slides spell out most of technical terms or interests of focus. Few errors present. More graphics needed to illustrate topic and convey information effectively. Some explanations are present to convey meaning. Some grammatical errors or spelling errors exist. Few graphics used. Confusion with technical terms. Errors in grammar and spelling. Information delivered but ineffective.



Presentation describes in clear and organized manner topic of discussion. Introduction, body and conclusion as well as future direction flow well in a logical progression.



Presentation has one or more component that is not clear. Flow is logical in progression. Future direction and nursing role is clearly discussed. Some components are not clear. Organization is present. Future direction and nursing role are not clearly conveyed. Components missing. Organization is not in alignment. Nursing role is not clearly conveyed.
Presentation Style



Student addresses the class and does not read from the slides. The speaker is audible and can be heard. Dressed business casual for professional presentation. Presentation reflects nursing practice and segues from one slide to the next. Questions from classmates can be answered and technology flows easily. Question and Answer session is informative.



Occasionally speaks to the slides or reads from cue cards. Speaks loudly and clearly. Presentation reflects some practice and segues well from one slide to the next. Most questions can be answered during question and answer section. Occasionally speaks to the slide. Most speech is clear. Presentation reflects some practice. Segue from slide to slide reflects minimal practice. Some questions are answered during question and answer section. Flow is present but exerted.



Topic is preapproved by instructor and discusses genetic platform relative to current nursing practice and medical need. Research used should published within 3 years in a nursing journal and reflect nursing role. Topic should be relevant and discussion of future trends addressed.


Topic is preapproved and relevant. Research published within the past five years. Future trends are discussed. Nursing role is addressed at length. Topic is preapproved. Research within the past seven years. Future trends are mostly discussed. Nursing role is somewhat reviewed. Most information is common knowledge and not necessarily future forward.

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