(15%) (Length expectation: ~750 words) With this assignment, you will take the

(15%) (Length expectation: ~750 words)
With this assignment, you will take the first step towards building your own research proposal. Guidance for developing your research concept can be found in the Week 1 and Week 2 Study Guides. Make sure to be in communication with your professor as you formalize your ideas, to ensure that your research concept is sufficiently rigorous, relevant, and feasible.
In your development of your research concept, make sure to use the outline provided. At a minimum, you need to address the following points:
Create a working title for your research
Develop a problem statement
Articulate your research objectives and questions
Identify your research approach in general terms
Identify the hypotheses/expected outcomes of your proposed research
Plan out a timeline for your research project in the form of a Gantt chart*
**For this first assignment your timeline need only cover the stages of your research project at a general level. For instance, you do not yet need to describe the various sub-components of your data collection and data analysis (e.g., the six stages of a thematic analysis). Instead, you can focus on these broad categories. Note that for your final proposal you will need to include further detail.

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